Infamous Lab 
Thursday, December 13, 2007, 09:23 AM - General
Posted by JeGX

je stoppe ce blog pour en démarrer un autre avec un blog-engine beaucoup plus puissant. Le JeGX's DevBlog restera en mode zombie juste pour ne pas casser les liens. Le nouveau blog, appellé "Infamous Lab" se trouve ici:
Bonne lecture!

I stop this blog and I start another one with a more powerful blog-engine. The JeGX's DevBlog will be kept alive in order to not break the weblinks. The new blog called ""Infamous Lab" is here:
Nice reading!

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PAL - Physics Abstraction Layer 
Monday, October 29, 2007, 06:52 PM - Programming
Posted by JeGX
Je viens de découvrir cette librairie de physique qui n'en est pas directement une car c'est en fait un abstracteur de moteurs physiques existants.

La chose intéressante c'est c'est la même philosophie que le plugin de physique fourni avec Hyperion. Actuellement seul un plugin pour le moteur physique Ageia PhysX (anciennement NovodeX) est livré avec Hyperion mais rien n'empêche (si une chose: le temps) d'avoir plusieurs plugins physiques livrés avec Hyperion. Je vais analyser de plus près cette librairie et voir de quelle manière que vais pouvoir l'exploiter dans Hyperion.

"The Physics Abstraction Layer (PAL) provides a unified interface to a number of different physics engines. This enables the use of multiple physics engines within one application. It is not just a simple physics wrapper, but provides an extensible plug-in architecture for the physics system, as well as extended functionality for common simulation components."
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GPU Caps Viewer 1.3.0 bientôt là 
Saturday, October 27, 2007, 06:34 PM - GPU Caps Viewer
Posted by JeGX
Ca y est finalement j'ai trouvé le temps pour faire une mise à jour de GPU Caps Viewer. Ca devenait urgent. Donc tout ça pour dire que GCV (GPU Caps Viewer) sera dispo online dès la semaine prochaine.

Au programme, nouveaux GPU reconnus, nouvelles demos stress-test, correction d'un "grave" bug dans l'affichage de la version des pilotes Forceware et affichage de la température du GPU core pour ATI et NVIDIA.
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Fur Rendering Benchmark Used in a Review 
Saturday, October 27, 2007, 06:33 PM - GPU
Posted by JeGX
Funny, my furry benchmark has been used in a graphics card review along with 3DMark or Lost Planet. Pretty cool :thumbup:

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Cool free Textures for Hyperion Demos 
Thursday, September 13, 2007, 02:09 PM - Hyperion
Posted by JeGX
While I was browsing the web looking for a sea texture, I found this site that offers very cool free textures:

I found theses color and normal maps of a smiley:

One minute later, both maps in a simple Hyperion demo:

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Catalyst 7.9, Radeon 2900 and Surface Deformer 
Wednesday, September 12, 2007, 09:03 AM - ATI
Posted by JeGX
From oZone3D.Net Forums, the Catalyst 7.9 seems to unleash ATI Radeon 2900 GPU. The Surface Deformer benchmark is a benchmark that requires a lot of vertex processing horse power. With Catalyst prior to 7.9, the score of an ATI 2900 was around 8000 o3Marks (that was already high). Now with Catalyst 7.9, the 2900 gets a score of 15000 o3Marks. Incredible!!! Why such a big big jump in OpenGL performance ?

My first thought is that ATI has managed to use correctly the unified arch of the R600 gpu. With unified arch, the workload is distribued over all shaders processors no matter the type of the shader prog (vertex or pixel). So if the vertex shader needs more processing power than the pixel shader, more shaders processors will be used for the vertex shader. My second thought: unified arch has involved new kernel code for catalyst and simply ATI has optimized the R600 codepath. A driver for a modern GPU like the R600 is a very complex piece of code and optimizing such a code is a huge task....

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Catalyst 7.9 and Radeon 2K Shadow Mapping Bug 
Wednesday, September 12, 2007, 09:00 AM - ATI
Posted by JeGX
I found this bug while I was coding a new small soft shadows demo for GPU Caps Viewer. Soft shadows are built on shadow mapping and my OpenGL shadow mapping code works perfectly on all Geforce 6/7/8 and Radeon 1k but not on Radeon 2K (2400/2600/2900). Why ? Because of the shadow mapping comparison function that had a serious bug! To be short, the comparison function was supposed to return a boolean value (if shadow returns 0, else returns 1) and before Catalyst 7.9, this function returned, for Radeon 2K, the depth buffer value (as if the comparison function was disabled). But this bug is now a memory since Catalyst 7.9 has fixed it.

I guess we can say thanks to Quake Wars, that has been released few days ago and that is an OpenGL game. For this game (that is really nice), ATI has fixed all major OpenGL bugs.

The Catalyst 7.9 are available here:

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Blender GameEngine and GLSL 
Wednesday, August 29, 2007, 08:31 AM - 3D
Posted by JeGX
I'm glad the GLSL shaders I wrote can help the Blender GameEngine community. That's cool :winkhappy:

Many new GLSL samples will be soon available with the new Hyperion. So stay tuned!

Read the full topic here:

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Hyperion Rendering Speed 
Tuesday, August 28, 2007, 02:24 PM - Hyperion
Posted by Administrator
I've just found this in a topic on BlitzMax forum about Hyperion speed:

"Definitely not faster than Hyperion at That's basically what I'm looking for. I'll keep doing the major projects in Blitz3D and some flashy small joints and demos in whatever works. If anybody can get the speed of Hyperion in a game centric engine, WOW!! It can be used to make games but the import system makes it a bit impractical. You wanna see how shadows and effects should look in a game, download the demo and run the examples. That Ozone engine is INCREDIBLE!!!" :thumbup: :winkhappy:


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Fur Rendering Benchmark 
Sunday, August 26, 2007, 12:16 PM - Benchmarking
Posted by Administrator
I officially released the fur rendering benchmark 4 days ago. So let's analyze a little bit the first feedbacks available on forums over the web.


1 - Fur rendering benchmark isn't cpu dependent and this is a very good thing for a graphics card benchmark. No matter the cpu speed, the result for a given card stays equivalent:
- ... ml#msg1500
- ... stcount=34
- ... stcount=36
"yes the first propper gpu bench ive come across, i really like this.... it stops all the arguments about memory timings and cpu speeds. its a good equaliser as all our systems can provide that 10% cpu info the gpu needs..."

2 - 8800GTX vs 2900XT
ATI 2900XT seems to beat NVIDIA 8800GTX. In all forums, the 2900XT is ahead:
- ... t=17770962
- ... ?p=2822956

3 - this benchmark seems to nicely overload the graphics card and then is a cool GPU burner and stress/stability test utility.
- ... page1.html : "Par contre j ai jamais vu ma carte graphique chauffer autant: environ 100° pendant la test:ouch:"
- ... ml#msg1514 : "This thing just succeeded to shut down twice the PSU, caused by overloading of the graphics board!!"

I done a little test with my 8800GTX:
- gpu core temp at rest: 58°C
- gpu core temp at load: 83°C

Okay, that's all for that small benchmark. :winkhappy:

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